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Authentic Istrian dinner surrounded by olive trees and green nature
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authentic experience for foodies when visiting slovenian istria

Are you planning a holiday trip in Slovenia? Would you like to taste the traditional Istrian dinner under olive trees and surrounded by green nature? Than our Locanda Mediterraneo is the right place to visit! We are situated only 6 km away from the center of Koper.

Our Story

Hello dear guests!

We are a family of 5. We are half farmers. We are food lovers. Not of any food but only locally grown, freshly picked, seasonally offered. We will be your host for one day and try to treat you as our family members. We will cook for you typical istrian food made mostly with our hands. Our motto is: ”From farm to table. From sea to table.”

I am the main cook (Elena). All istrian recepies were passed to me by my mama Pierina and my nonna Anna-Carolina. I still hear them: ‘To catch and keep a husband you first need to learn how to cook!’ Well, they were both right 🙂

Come to visit us, relax, enjoy your meal and have fun 🙂

Restaurant run by family


IStrian - Mediterranean cuisine

local, seasonal and fresh ingredients

how does it work?

We are open 2 days a week:

1. THURSDAY (serving fish cuisine) and

2. SATURDAY (serving meat cuisine).

Dinner will start at 18.00 in a picturesque location at our farm.

You will get a multi-course meal including local meat from our local farmers or seafood from local fishermans with a variety of fresh local pasta, tapas and salads, complete with local wine and fresh homemade apple / elder / menta juices. At the end we will serve you a homemade dessert.

After reservation you’ll get detailed info about directions, parking, payment and storno possibilities.

In case of bad weather the guests will be informed at least 2 days before and refunded.

Price: 85 EUR / person (beverage included)

Kids under 6 FREE.

from sea to table. from farm to table.

The menu we are serving at our farm depends on the fresh ingredients that are available on the local market that day. We buy fish, meat, cheese, prosciutto, polenta, flour, salami, olive oil, salt flower, wine, apple juices from local producers / fishermans / farmers. I’ll make for you with my hands bakala, pasta, gnocchi, tomato sauce, fruit marmelades, elder – menta juice … We have our own vegetable garden, as well. We grow tomatoes, cucumbers, salads, parsley, basil, egg-plants, celery, paprika, … And we have domestic animals, too. At our place you will find the real Istrian food with local ingredients and coocked according to authentic recipes of our grandmothers. Best dinner experience with a romantic view to Istrian olive trees and istrian hills.

we serve local, homemade, homegrown istrian food and drinks

Homemade Pasta and Njoki (Gnocchi)

Domestic chicken eggs, selected flour & semolina and home-grown potatoes (for njoki) makes our pasta delicious and njoki a dish that just melt in your mouth. Usually I serve them with local schrimps (Kozice) from Adriatic sea. Or together with domestic chicken sauce. 


bakala and polenta

I will prepare for you a classic Istrian dish made with my hands. Soaked salt cod is mashed with extra virgin olive oil until smooth, light and fluffy. I will serve it with homemade bread or polenta (crushed in Dragonja valley). Salt from Sečovlje Salina Nature Park.


is a real Istrian speciality, air cured thanks to the chilling bora wind. We will add to the starter also homemade salami and delicious chees. 


beef tagliata

Istrian Tagliata dish has Italian roots. The steak is first cut atleast 5 cm thick and than is left to mature from 30 to 60 days. This thick T-bone steak is served blood rare. After grilled weadd only salt flower from Sečovlje salt plants and leave it restfor few minutes. It tastes delicious 😉

homegrown vegetables

Yes! We will serve you fresh vegetables from our
garden! Tomatoes, cucumbers, salad, parsley, basil,
egg-plants, celery, paprika … Each summer I prepare
tasty marmelades and tomato sauces, too.

opening hours

We are open 2 days per week:

THURSDAY (serving fish cuisine)
SATURDAY (serving meat cuisine)

Dinner starts at 18.00.



+386 40 895 317 (Elena)




Vanganel 57H
6000 Koper
Istria – Slovenia