Cherries with aged balsamic vinegar from Modena

Cherries with aged balsamic vinegar from Modena

Have you ever tried the perfect combination of fresh cherries wrapped in drops of balsamic vinegar

aged for 25 years? No? Well, I recommend you to try it just once. So tasty, juicy, sweet flavour with a

slight acidity. You may sprinkle brown sugar on cherries and decorate the plate as you wish.

Cherries with aceto balsamico    Cherries with aceto balsamico    Cherries with aceto balsamico

Important: you should choose balsamic vinegar aged at least 25 years or more (in oak barrels). It is

distinguished by its high density, it has the typical barrique well-balanced and harmonious aroma. You

may use this aged vinegar also for grilled meat (delicious!), boiled vegetables, Parmesan cheese, vanilla

ice cream or as condiment for strawberries or cherries.

Cherries with aceto balsamico

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