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Our LOVE story

People and places that make food experience memorable

Buongiorno dear friends

My husband Sami and I (Elena) live in the heart of the Mediterranean region, near Italian border – in Capodistria. We have three adorable kids: 3, 5 and 7 years old. My heart is beating for my family (of course 🙂 ), cooking (tasty and local food – passed to me from my nonna Anna-Carolina) and my camera to share my creations.

After I was travelling with my husband all around Europe we immediately felt in love with all picturesque regions in Italy. We love our Istrian region a lot as well.

Tasteful, traditional, unique, authentic local food with a pinch of genuine people gave us the idea to share with other local food lovers our passion for Italian and Istrian cuisine.

All products in our e-shop are coming directly from local farmers / producers who we met during our traveling in Italy and in our home region – Istria. First we tasted the products during different occasions (in restaurants, small local fairs, in bars …), met the producers and their families, saw the location and finally got to know with their production. All the products in our food e-shop are made in the Mediterranean region.


That’s AMORE. It is official … we are in love with our products …


Made in Agrigento, Sicily

There is a little village right near Agrigento in Sicily, where you can still enjoy the pleasure of a local and genuine food surrounded by the music of the Mediterranean breeze. Here you can taste home made spreads, a true ‪‎gourmet experience in your mouth. This local family-owned company is producing a vast range of gastronomic products, keeping alive a family tradition that is committed to producing high quality food preserves. Their innovation with modern food processing techniques brought together with true Sicilian tradition they are able to offer a product of optimum quality. In order to guarantee the product’s authenticity and quality, all the raw materials are processed with artisan methods directly after the harvest and quickly processed and packaged by modern machinery without the use of chemical additives and colorings.


Made in Alba, Piedmont

Piedmont is a territory of great food and wine tradition. Here was born the italian family company which produces vegetable starters, high quality truffled products, salami & cheese in olive oil and jams. Their daily commitment is to offer genuine products that enhance the flavour of fresh ingridients, without preservatives, artificial colours or GMO.


Made in Marzamemi, Sicily

Marzamemi, near Pachino (Syracuse), a small seaside village at the extreme southern end of East Sicily, there are family members that processed Mediterranean fish – tuna, and tomatoes Pomodoro di Pachino ‘PGI’ (cherry tomato from the southeastern coast). The raw material used for preserves derives from local producers; it is processed according to the traditional techniques the farm loves to protect. The family has chosen to respect the healthy relationship between man and nature processing only the raw material whose origin is guaranteed and controlled. Marzamemi farm is devoted to the Sicilian old flavors paying attention to the territorial identity, the control of the whole processing steps, and ingredient genuineness.


Made in Istria

The affluence of the Istrian peninsula is based on local olive oil production, a tradition that is over two thousand years old.  The olive, a symbol of peace and health, is considered by many to be a valuable Mediterranean fruit and its oil has been called liquid gold by those who live in areas where it is cultivated.  It turns out that geographical position of Istria, soil composition and microclimate is indeed very favourable for growing olives. Oils from these geographical locations are more aromatic and healthier as they have high levels of unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants. Harvest is done manually since the beginning of October to November. Processing is done on the same day as the harvest in modern mill in Vanganel with continuous closed system. At temperatures lower than 24 ° C. “Cold process”. Within a few days after the processing the filtering is also done. Olive oil is kept in barrels under nitrogen atmosphere at a temperature of 16 deg °C.


La vita e’ bella. Life is beautiful. Enjoy every moment of it !