Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Slovene Istria, 0.25 l


Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Slovene Istria with protected designation of origin.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Čok from Slovene  Istria is oil of superior quality. It is obtained directly from olives solely by mechanical means . It is produced from hand-picked olives of istrska belica variety with cold pressure. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Čok is characterized by a specific, rich aroma with favour notes of ripe olives, tomatoes and artichokes. High in bio phenols, which benefit the human body, this oil has a characteristic bitter and pepper finish.

It’s main characteristic:

  1. no chemical treatments
  2. processed by hand and solely by mechanical means
  3. cold pressure the same day of picking olives
  4. no additives
  5. organic
  6. healthy
  7. tasty
  8. controlled by Ministry of Agriculture
  9. EDOOSI PDO certified

More about Extra Virgin Olive Oil find HERE.


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Try this product to prepare delicious:

Spaghetti con Pesto Genovese

Bruschetta – fresh summer appetizer for dinner party with friends


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